BJP on the backfoot in 2019 National Elections


After the Congress party downfall in 2011 due to the 2G scam and other scams, it was understood that the
Central Government would definitely change. Pranab Mukherjee, the senior most leader of Congress party was
made President of India and the path to Prime Minister Office was clearly opened for Rahul Gandhi. But
Congress was almost decimated in 2013. Narendra Modi of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who became the Chief
Minister of Gujarat 3 times started collecting the top leaders of BJP party, and later declared himself as the Prime
Ministerial candidate for 2014 National Elections, while sidelinining all senior leaders like LK Advani, Singhal,
Yashwant Sinha, Jaswant Singh who all held important posts in Atal Bihar Vajpayee’s Government earlier. The
person who saved Modi during the 2002 communal riots, ie Mr Advani was even not spared.

Pied-Piper Marketing & Easy Win
Corporate media channels which were hand in glove with Modi, started creating a phenomenon called as ‘Modi
Wave’. Later on people believed that there actually was a ‘Modi Wave’. Mr Modi who had earlier used marketing
gimmicks using an Israeli company, to make a theory called ‘Vibrant Gujarat’, where as the conditions of people
of Gujarat was actually very bad. Gujarat was actually vibrant for the rich industrialists. Mr Modi is an expert is
marketing a dummy product and making it a best seller. He repeated the marketing strategies in 2013 to contest
the 2014 National elections of India. Modi had no competition during his election. He won the election on a dead
Congress. There was no leader in Congress of the experience and stature of Modi. People started pitting Rahul
Gandhi against Modi, which was inappropriate as they had huge difference in age and experience. This actually
hurt Congress a lot, and Modi was found to be a better choice for people. It is the first time that BJP got such
huge landslide victory of 280+ MPs in Lok Sabha.

False Promises
Modi made many promises before the 2014 Elections, that he will do magic and wonders in 100 days.
Most of such pipe-dream promises have been fallen flat. Most of the schemes have failed. Being the Chief
Minister of Gujarat he used to say a lot of things against Nawaz Sharif, but as soon as he became Prime
Minster, he started visiting Nawaz Sharif many times. Modi could not persuade or pressurise Pakistan to stop
breeding militancy in its country which is hurting India, especially the Jammu and Kashmir conflict. China has
distance itself from India and has become too close with Pakistan and is threatening India. Modi’s many visits to
various countries had not changed anything at all. Rupee value against Dollar is at the lowest in history. USA has
reprimanded India for not giving security to minorities and Dalits.

Policy Failures
Mr Arun Jaitley brought a law to legalise black money by paying 40% of the total money to Government as tax.
When scamsters and black money makers have such inventive ways to make money white, why would they fear
of any taxation. Another utterly failed rule was brought where money notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 were
demonitised, ie were of no use. Reasons given were to stop militancy, terrorism, block black money, etc.
Militancy has not stopped and actually increased, no black money usage has stopped till now. Corporate media
as usual started praising Modi for bringing a new Rs 2000 rupee note which was supposed to have some
electronic chip. Such media persons shamelessly did not even apologise and say sorry when their bluff was
caught. New taxes rule like Goods & Services Tax also called as GST was brought. It was supposed to create a
uniform tax structure throughout India, which again was a great failure. Firstly the common public suffered a lot,
the traders started protesting against the Government. The Government shamelessly kept reducing the tax
percentage before some election or for some gain.

Security gone for a toss
Security for citizens of the country went for a holiday. A new way of suppressing minorities and Dalits was used
called as ‘lynching’ where innocent Muslims and Dalits have been killed based on rumours of Cow slaughter.
The killers in such incidents were rewarded by the BJP party by garlanding, offering job, offering money and what
not. The Govt was sitting and enjoying the blood bath of these innocent people. The Prime Minister tweets on
each and every unimportant issue and could not get the strength to write anything condoling death of Dalits and
Muslims. Honour killing and rapes are still being done in the country.

Pipe Dreams Again
Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have started promising again great developments in 2022 if they win 2019
election again. They say Ganga will be cleaned, India will become great etc etc. All such promises were already
made last time 2013 which fell flat. People have realised that all this is marketing gimmick and will not fall for BJP
tricks this time.

Latest Elections & New Opposition Alliances
Even after Modi became Prime Minister of India, he kept canvassing in all state elections which was below the
dignity of the highest administrative post of India. Even with his presence, BJP found a lot of failure.
In the Gujarat State Election of December 2017, BJP fell from its earlier number of 115 to 99, hence losing 16
seats. Plus in another 16 seats it won just by some hundred or thousands of votes. With 3.5 years of Modi rule in
Center, and Modi being from Gujarat state, the number in Gujarat Assembly should actually have had to be more
than 115, but the case was totally opposite. In May 2018, BJP lost Karnataka State Election even while PM Modi
toured the state a lot. In the coming Nov-Dec 2018 Telangana State Elections, BJP has no chance to form the
Government. Also according to various reports and surveys, in the upcoming Jan 2019 State Elections in Madhya
Pradesh and Rajasthan, due to anti-incumbency factor BJP will lose these states and Congress party will form
the Government.

In North India it lost Punjab to Congress last year. In the state of UP, Samajwadi party and Bahujan Samaj Party
have come together and will probably fight along with Congress. This will give a big blow to BJP as it exploited
the fighting between these parties and scored the highest number of Lok Sabha MPs in 2014. The Janata Dal
(Secular) and Congress have tied-up in Karnataka. BJP has no coalition and chance in Telangana & Andhra.
Similarly in South India it has not much of an impact.

BJP No, NDA maybe
Athough BJP is on the back foot today, and it may not get that magic no of 280 Lok Sabha seats again, it seems
to come close to 200 and will need coalition partners and will have chance to make a NDA Govt. It is trying to get
close to many regional parties like AIADMK, TRS etc so that it may get the minimum numbers to form the
Government. Also there seems to be no big leader in any other political party to stand head to head with Modi.
If regional parties fight hard and get as many Lok Sabha seats, there is a chance of forming a new Government
where Congress if needed gives outside support to these regional parties as it did in 1996-97.

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