How will early elections in Telangana help TRS and KCR


K Chandrasekhar Rao, the founder of Telangana Movement, and the first and present Chief Minister of Telangana has baffled everyone with his decision to go for early assembly elections. The TRS party won the 2014 Telangana Assembly Election with slight majority, and was immediately supported by MIM's 7 legislators. Over the past 4.5 years, the party's growth has no bounds. Many MLA's from different parties jumped into TRS claiming to work for the cause of Bangaru Telangana (Golden Telangana). Right now the number of TRS MLA's has gone from 63 to 90+. TRS did not contest the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Election in 2009 but almost won a century of corporators out of the 150 seats. The development of Telangana is on the rise. Plus, KCR has been given many awards from the Central Government in terms of administration. Then, why is such a successful leader intending to have early elections?

Many big leaders who wanted an early election failed in their attempts. Kotla Vijaybhaskar Reddy called early elections in 1982 a year earlier, but lost to newly formed TDP party of famous cine start NT Rama Rao or NTR. Later, NTR while being Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh called elections in the state in 1989, a year earlier than
stipulated time, to co-incide with the National Elections of 1989. It actually helps in the Center and the State when a party has good reputation. But NTR lost that State Election. When Chandrababu Naidu was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in 2004, he too called for early elections along with National Elections and lost the elections badly. With such proven failures in early elections, why is KCR keen to take so much risk?

One main reason to go for such move is Narendra Modi. Mr Modi has various ways by which he keeps himself as the only talk of the town. Some sold out corporate media have even started a question campaign, "If not Modi, who?" which is not an appropriate way to look for a leader. Everyday new leaders are born in India, it all is a
matter of luck, no one know who might be the next Prime Minister of India. But as the election comes nearer, the marketing gimmicks will be louder and louder. Narendra Modi has made himself to appear as a great leader nationally. Due to Congress party's obsession with the Gandhi's, it does not want to change its number 1 leader which is Rahul Gandhi. In such a scenario the nation may again fall for Mr Modi's political marketing. It actually may become Modi versus nobody, and KCR may lose importance.

KCR does not want to do the mistake of fighting with the big image of Mr Modi. He in the last 4.5 years has made himself as the supreme leader and face in Telangana State. Everywhere you see, from buses to boards to newspapers, ads with his glowing smile are found. He has made TRS dependent completely on his face. He is playing the same Modi game. With such strategy KCR wants to have early elections, ie 5-6 months before the stipulated time. This will make him not fight with Modi. There is no leader of the stature of KCR in any other political party in Telangana. He can easily win the perception and image battle. This again becomes a KCR versus nobody fight, where KCR is supposed to anyhow win.

Another important aspect is, presently there is generally neutral perception of KCR party in the Telangana State. People are not resenting it based on any scams or wrongful activities. As we know perceptions of any party changes within days. KCR does not want to take any chances before it becomes very hot during the regular election time where there may be negative campaign started on the party. Because KCR has fought and brought Telangana State, people will definitely have a soft corner for him again in 2018, but a lot of failed promises & schemes like 2-bedroom for poor persons, are also making people think about other options like Congress. With so much at stake, we will have to wait and watch how things turn out for this risky step taken by Telangana founder KCR.

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