New Twist in the Mateen Aurangabad Case


Syed Mateen, Corporator of Aurangabad Municipality from AIMIM party who was arrested on 18th Aug 2018 by Maharshtra Police has been released on 18th Sep 2018. The twist to his release is that a party which opposes MIM a lot, the Samajwadi Party has actually got him released. There were rumors that MIM party was not coming
forward to get him released, and after his release he would join Samajwadi Party in Maharashtra. But in the latest Facebook postings on his page, he is still found to be supporting the MIM party.

His arrest on 18th Aug 2018 happened due to his opposition to a proposal by BJP Corporator Raju Vadiya to pay tributes to ex Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee on his death. Because of opposing this proposal, BJP and Shiv Sena members of the house started beating up Mateen, who was later brought out of the Municipal Hall thanks to the security personnel. He was taken to hospital for treatment, and after treatment of injuries was arrested by the Police.


Talking to Awam Media, Abu Asim Azmi, Maharashtra President Samajwadi Party(SP) said "Syed Mateen of the MIM comes from a backward class, he may have said such things due to jazbaat (emotions), about opposing the motion to offer condolence to ex PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, becauses he was involved in Babri Masjid demolition. I dont think he said anything wrong, people have beaten him badly, also he had some earlier cases too. Some people have asked me to help him. We have our party advocates, I talked to them and sent the fees. We just try to remove tears of suffering people. Our politics is to help people from society, not to make money, but only to give money. Alhamdulillah he got bail, he came and met me, although I have no relation with his party. "


"MIM always says big talks, many years back when I wanted to take oath in Maharashtra Assembly I said I will talk in Hindi, about 12-14 MLA's gave notice, that they wanted me to speak in Marathi. They broke my mike, pushed and shoved me, anyhow finally I took my oath in Hindi. At that time, MIM people said " If we would have been there, we would done this and that...", where as their MLA was abused in Maharashtra Assembly, they did not do anything. They only say things like Hyderabad is just 1 hour away by flight, but actually did not do anything. Yes they talk well and provoke people emotionally. They said about starting a school (in Mumbai), though they had bought some piece of land, but right now they are selling it away."


Advocate U.N Tripathi from Mumbai is a lawyer working exclusive on detention cases, who successfully got Mateen released from detention, by arguing in the 'Advisory Board' for Detention Cases at Mumbai, where two ex High Court Judges and 1 Chairman sit to hear detention cases. He says "Mateen was detained by the Police under MPDA or Maharashtra Preventive Detention Act, by showing that he had a lot of pending cases on him, and he is a dangerous person to the society. We were able to convince the Hon'ble Judges that, Syed Mateen is sitting Corporator of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation, and those 6-7 cases pending on Mateen have been filed in a malafide way by the opposition parties like BJP and Shiv Sena. The Hon'ble Judges have granted Mateen release from detention, although all those cases on him, running in Sessions or Metropolitan Courts in Aurangabad will be continuing."


When Awam Media contacted Imtiaz Jaleel MLA from Aurangabad, to ask about the news that Samajwadi Party got Mateen out on bail instead of his own party MIM, he said he wanted to give no comments on the issue. Advocate Waris Pathan, another MLA of MIM from Mumbai, Maharshtra said "Mateen met me two days ago, he
is still in MIM, and will work for party and will progress."



However, Syed Mateen clarified through a Facebook Live video on 21st September, "Firstly I would thank you all for praying for my release, and give thanks to Allah with the depth of my heart. Its our moral duty to thank people who all have done efforts to help us. I am thankful to all persons like Abu Asim Azmi, Advocate Khizar Patel, Advocate Tripathi, Syed Moin. I am a small soldier of MIM party and will keep working hard to strengthen it. I will work under the leadership of Janab Asaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi, and will follow all their guidelines, and in the next standing committee, we will bring the issues affecting the city."

Syed Mateen had earlier too caused controversies by refusing to stand up during singing of National Anthem, also once he took away the Mayor's mace and ran away.

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