Strange History of MIM Party and 2018 Telangana Elections (Read Story)


Majlis e Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) meaning 'Congregation of the United Muslims' was found in 1927 as a supporter of King Nizam of Hyderabad State. Due to the 'Police-Action' or 'Operation-Polo' done in 1948 for the annexation of Hyderabad State into new country called 'India', headed by Vallabhai Patel, where lakhs of
people were said to be killed or injured in the Hyderabad State, Muslims were skeptical and cynical of other parties and started to ghettoise politically. The political party was earlier led by Bahadur Yar Jung and Qasim Rizvi and later revived by Abdul Wahid Owaisi around 1957 and taken over in 1980's and 90's by his son Late Salahuddin Owaisi, ex Hyderabad Lok Sabha MP, further the power going into hands of his two sons Asaduddin Owaisi, present Hyderabad Lok Sabha MP and Akbaruddin Owaisi ex MLA Chandryangutta. The next in line to the golden seat is said to be Nooruddin Owaisi, son of Akbar Owaisi.


Due to its long legacy and activities Muslims of Hyderabad fervidly trust in it. Today it is a formidable political party in Hyderabad city of Telangana with thousands of workers and volunteers who are giving passionate services. The domination of this family on the party is such that it is understood that MIM is Owaisi and Owaisi is MIM. Important institutions are also named give their family name, for example, Owaisi Hospital, Owaisi School of Excellence and so on. Names of other great leaders who have served the party have been deliberately lost. Some persons who have opposed the Owaisi's or left the party are labelled as "paid workers" and not good contributors. There is no mention of legacy of senior leaders like Baquar Agha, Syed Sajjad, Amanullah Khan, Vizarat Rasool Khan etc.

Dictatorial supremacy for any organisation is a deadly disease, as the only power center when it collapses, people have a free for all. It is the job of leaders and visionaries to create and mentor future leaders who act as an intellectual & leadership backup all the time. We cannot create future leaders without giving them proper
training in courses like sociology, politics, media, administration, personality development, public speaking, leadership, organisational management.

The MIM party is a strange phenomenon. It is based mainly in Hyderabad and wins seats where there is a majority of muslims. It has 40+ seats in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Council out of 150 with a handful of non-muslims leaders too. Of the earlier Andhra Pradesh state with 294 Assembly constituencies, MIM used to win 3-4
seats initially and later due to reorganisation of constituencies and tie-up with Congress party they raised their number to 7. Today they again have the same 7 members out of 119 Assembly seats of Telangana from the 2014 elections. It should be understood that 7 members out of 294 or even 7 seats out of 119 could never form the State Government as the minimum seats required to form the Government is 50% seats + 1 seat (148 seats in earlier Andhra Pradesh and 61 seats in Telangana), which gives a definite majority in the legislative house. But why is MIM so important in Telangana?

In the state of Telangana, Muslims presently are roughly 15% by population, where half of this can be said to be in Hyderabad & Secunderabad twin cities, and other half may be scattered in the other districts of Telangana. With all the caste equations happening throughout the state, it is found that these Muslim votes can help to win
candidates from the bigger parties like TRS and Congress to form the State Government. Muslim votes in the state cannot be ignored at all. The MIM party due to its long legacy and dominance over Muslims hearts can pursue many voters of the community in Telangana State to vote for any party.

So, Asad Owaisi because of the above is a very powerful man who can tilt the winning equation on any side. He is also called the game-changer or king-maker of Telangana. State level parties try to 'tie-up' with MIM to grab Muslims votes throughout the state. The MIM again has shown strange behavior on tie-ups over the past
decades. After the 1992 demolition of Babri Masjid, it distanced itself from the Congress. But in 2004 Assembly and Lok Sabha elections it stood strong with Congress. During Congress regime it was against separate Telangana state. After Telangana was granted by the UPA in 2013-14, it started a friendly tie-up with the TRS
party. After 2014 Assembly elections, when TRS got a miniscule majority of 62 seats, it immediately gave support of its 7 MLA's to avoid collapse of the new TRS Government. Again for this 2018 elections it has given wholehearted support to the TRS party.

When a State Party is getting something from MIM, the MIM by default is also assumed to be asking something in return. The MIM claims it wants better facilities and lifestyle for Muslims of Telangana. If it true then such tie-up should be holy and benefit the community in the best of the ways. During this 4 and half years TRS Government rule on Telangana, Asad Owaisi has compromised a lot. The fact is K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) has taken Muslims support by keeping Asad Owaisi with him. When Akbar Owaisi was attacked in May 2011 for a personal dispute, Asad Owaisi shook the whole Hyderabad City to get the alleged accused Mohammed Pahelwan behind the bars. Whereas in the case of Aler Nalgonda Encounter, where 5 Muslims youths were killed in an encounter with police, which was termed as a fake-encounter by various activists, there has been no punishment given to those accused policemen yet. Although Asad Owaisi had raised questions on the encounter, but he has neither protested strongly against the TRS Government, nor left the alliance. It was showed that life security of the community people is not important.

KCR promised to make a Dalit as the Chief Minister when Telangana Government is formed, which he betrayed, also he promised to make a Muslim as the Deputy Chief Minister. It is true that Mehmood Ali was made the Deputy Chief Minister, but political observors believe KCR kept most of the power with himself. What great
achievements did this Deputy Chief Minister bring is a question unanswered. Also during Jan 2016 Hyderabad Municipal Elections, Azam Ali son of this Deputy CM was attacked by Ahmed Balala, Malakpet MLA from MIM and his supporters. The TRS Government and KCR did not prosecute the attackers. This shows the respect given
to a Deputy CM from the Muslim community.

KCR betrayed the Muslims in giving reservation. He promised to give 12% reservation to the Muslim Community, the proposed bill was passed in State Assembly, where as it failed at the Central level. The same marketing lollipop was given by the Gujarat Chief Minister to the Gujarat state's Patel Community which failed at the Central
level. Asad Owaisi being a lawyer and parlimentarian knew this bill will fail for sure, but why was he supporting it all along?

The BJP brought a bill criminalising 'Triple-Talaq' practice in the Parliament. Asad Owaisi shows his anger on the Muslim MP's from Congress who did not vote against it in Lok Sabha, where as the TRS could have voted against it, but it opted out of voting, which means it acted neutral, and actually did not oppose such bill. Although the Triple Talaq custom has problems in it, many Muslims saw that as an attack on the Personal Laws of the Muslims. Why Asad Owaisi could not persuade TRS party to vote against the said bill is a question unanswered.

The State Minority Budget is said to be 2000 crore Rupees annually, where as it is found roughly 30% of it is used every year and the remaining is returned back to the treasury. Looking at the disastrous conditions of the community, why has Asad Owaisi not created newer schemes to utilise this fund which would uplift the people?

Asad Owaisi claims himself to be a victim and aggrieved person throughout India but when it comes to Hyderabad, other local parties claim themselves to be victims of Asad Owaisi. He had raised hue and cry against not being able to enter Karnataka due to pressure on Police from ex Chief Minister of Karnataka. He cries that he
was not given his fundamental right to travel across India and speak his mind freely. His opponents like Majlis Bachao Party from Hyderabad accuse him of the same sin of not allowing them to do 'jalsa' or stopping their meetings at sharp 10pm, where as MIM meetings are allowed to go till late midnight.

The TRS in its 1st announcement of candidates gave only 2 seats out of 105 to Muslims, where as 33 seats were given to the Reddy community. Asad Owaisi did not question, why KCR found only 2 candidates amongst 15% of the state population. Asad Owaisi has become a photograph for KCR to be shown to the Muslims and steal votes for his TRS candidates throught the state.

When MIM had won 7 seats in 2014 by itself, it could have bartered for more 5-7 seats around Telangana where there is a majority of Muslims from which it could win. The party is again not serious on any more than the present 7 seats. Candidates given in other constituencies are for friendly match and dummy competitors. Instead
of canvassing for TRS candidates now in 2018 it could have had more than a dozen MLA's and could have asked for more in the alliance later.

Asad Owaisi and Akbar Owaisi are the main faces of MIM today, they are the best of orators in the party. Their speech is the command and rule to be followed. Understanding MIM's strategy for 2018 elections needs analysis of these gentlemen's speeches. Although they rightly question about the lynchings increased after 2014, and other problems at the central level, there are no innovative ideas to found in their rhetorical speeches. The talk is fantastically entertaining, but empty of clarity mostly. They talk about all the struggles they have seen in forming this party. The speeches are generic and abstract. They do not give out concrete policies which they will implement using the TRS Government alliance for the minorities. There is no list of targets to be achieved. No discussion about farmer problems, atrocities on women, no bringing up of student community problems. They are asking to vote for the party to avoid name-changing of places and things, where as in the past 4.5 years we have already seen names of many places and things were changed by the BJP Government.

People of Hyderabad have access to so much of media, they are extremely aware of what happened in the last minute in some part of the world. The youth is getting more mature day by day. Voters will one get fed up of entertaining speeches and one day will demand that MIM talk about policies and concrete promises. In case the TRS party forms the Government again in 2018-19, MIM will again be a big force in the Hyderabad city and the Telangana state. It is high time that MIM lists out what it will achieve in the next 5 years government by the various funds of the State Government.


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