Why are Telangana Congress Leaders leaving the party? (Read Story)


Since the time elections were called prematurely by Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), there is a lot of hustle and bustle in the state. Elections schedule is out, voting is on 7th Dec 2018 and counting on 11th Dec 2018. People from all parties are enthusiastically trying to secure a ticket to contest. Due to forming the State Government, lots of people have been jumping into TRS party since 2014. TRS won 62 seats originally in 2014 but later by the in-jumping of MLA's from other parties, its lastest tally was about 90.

The TRS party has failed to fulfill many promises it had made before 2014 elections. Many promised made by other parties to workers have also been broken even before 2018 Assembly elections. This has frustrated and angered loyal party workers who are leaving the parties. Such disturbance was actually not observed in MIM party as it is strictly controlled by party Supremo Asaduddin Owaisi, where the candidates know that they are only winning due to the party flag and cannot make it big outside MIM. Many persons jumped from MIM into other parties in the last 30 years but mostly were utter failures.

Similarly from the past two days, many Telangana Congress Party Leaders are leaving the party just 3 weeks before the Assembly elections of 2018. One common factor for leaving is not getting a ticket for contesting this election. Abid Rasool Khan, Vice President of Telangana Congress was denied Khairatabad seat and Dr Sravan
Dasoju was chosen instead. Karthik Reddy, son of Late Indra Reddy has been denied the Rajendra Nagar seat. Khaleequr Rahman, spokesperson of Telangana Congress has been denied the Jubilee Hills seat, and Vishnuvardhan Reddy was given the ticket.


Talking to Awam Media, Abid Rasool Khan who also was Minority Commision Chairman (2013-2017) says " I have been with Congress for past 32-33 years, served on various positions and never contested an election. After Rahul Gandhi took over the Presidentship of the party, he had made out some guidelines and instructions to
be followed, in which he had 'social-engineering', where Congress party was committed for the upliftment of all the communities, and all sections will be given representations whenever tickets or posts are allotted. Secondly he said loyal workers will be my first choice. Third he said the people who were continously losing elections will not be accomodated in the election, they will have to work for the party. It was going on for the past 2-3 years.

We thought whatever he said will be the final thing. Now when the elections came, we had a meeting of the minorities one month back at the Nizam club, all Muslim leaders came together, even Mohammed Ali Shabbir, where we passed a resolution demanding 14 seats from the Congress and immediately our President responded
and said yes. The calculation of this 14 seats was, from the old 10 districts there would be 1 candidate from each district and 4-5 candidates from Hyderabad and Secunderabad city where Muslim population is significant. The whole Muslim community in Congress was upbeat that for the first time we are getting so many tickets, we wanted to work very hard and I also got enthusiastic and asked Khairatabad seat and worked hard for the party.

Then recently there was screening process started and people from Delhi came down like Mr Kunthia and others, now they started asking all RSS questions like 'can a Muslim actually win, does a Muslim have money to contest the election, does a Muslim have the strength to win the elections'. This hurt me a lot and I brought it to the notice of our president Rahul Gandhi, on the question of money, the community has passed a resolution, if given seats we will support the candidates financially as far as possible. Later they told it is not possible and said they will give only 6 seats, we agreed to that too. Later the final list came and we found only 4 Muslim names in 75. I
raised a revolt, and said Mohd Ali Shabbir has lost three times consecutively and he is an MLC, whereas Rahul Gandhi has said an MLC cannot be given ticket and someone who has lost many times. He was accommodated, whereas I am the Vice-President and a senior leader, I should have been in the first list. Other three were all
paratroopers, one of them not even a member of the party.

So we held a press conference and demanded to set right things and on this I came to know that disciplinary action was being initiated against me, if that is the case I wanted to resign from the party, I cannot be 'ghulam' of the party, and I sent in my resignation. The next day TRS people contacted me, that they value my leadership
and promised never to join or support the BJP, an assurance given by Mr KTR in open hall. So all these made me think of doing something in TRS. The BJP also invited me but I turned down the offer. I am not contesting any seat in the upcoming election."

Khaleequr Rahman, son of senior leader Late Khaleelur Rahman joined the Congress party in 1998 with his father when TDP aligned with BJP at the center. He says "We have been in the party for a long period of time, I was intrumental in bringing my brother in law ex MP and former cricketer Azharuddin into the Congress party.
For the last one and half years, the whole ideology of Congress party has changed, and we have started realising it, we brought it to the notice of the high command and also to the local leadership in Telangana through media, social media and letters, but that fell on deaf ears, and the party leadership did not change.

Following the report of AK Antony, post 2014 elections, where he has mentioned that the appeasement of Muslims has costed strongly, Congress then left that, and started distancing itself from the Muslims. Then they started neglecting Muslim leadership from the party. Now when it came to giving the tickets to Muslims
candidates especially from the winning seats Congress totally ignored, and also in the party organisation. Four working presidents were appointed and not even one from the Muslim community, even Backward Classes, Christians were sidelined.

Rahulji had said that no parachute leader jumping will be given ticket, but all assurances & promises given by Rahulji has no meaning at all. He also said no criminal element will be tolerated, where as many people with criminal background are in the party. Also those who have just recently joined the party were given ticket, and
somebody who was not even a member of the party was also given a ticket. I realised that the party does not need leaders, but just needs votes, so we being in the party cannot fool the people, because the people vote looking at face value of the people in the party, lots of responsibility falls on our shoulders."

On the question whether he was asking Jubilee Hills seat, he replied "Yes I was, it was a winning seat. I have been living in this constituency for past 30 years, knowing grass root party work here, I am always among the people, most of the youth are asking, Khaleeq bhai when the party does not recognise you, why should we work
for the party, what future do we have? My mother who is also a keen observor of politics advised me to leave the party."

On the question why he joined TRS, he said "For the last four and half years, we have been watching all the activities of TRS and their performance was superb, especially the establishing of minority residential schools, ie empowering the community with education and the overseas scholarship and the shaadi mubarak scheme and other schemes, I thought why not we strengthen. The Congress party started misguiding and followed the hidden agenda of RSS in the party, we have been in the party, it is not like that was 25 years ago. I have joined unconditionally and sought no tickets, only to serve the people of Telangana and see that Muslims are not
misguided by Congress by its pseudo-secularism." On the question whether his brother-in-law ex MP and former cricketer Azharuddin has left the Congress party, the answer was a negative.

Another problem with the Congress party is late announcement of candidates. In a latest development Karwan Assembly ticket is said to be given to Osman Al Hajri, where the candidate has just 3 weeks to canvass.This might also weaken the chance of fighting where the opponent MIM party candidate has been canvassing for
more than a month. TRS party had earlier too done something similar by just giving 2 seats out of the first announced 105 names. When contacted Uttam Kumar Reddy TPPC President, and Shabbir Ali were unavailable for comments.


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