Why is KCR ignoring minority candidates in 2018 Assembly Elections


We all know K Chandrasekhar Rao also called as KCR, started the Telangana movement through his party called Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in 2001. TRS has fought 3 general Assembly elections so far and will fight the 4th Assembly election in 2018. All these while we could not find any minority leader of a high stature being found or brought up the ladder by KCR. Other parties also had this issue where Congress had only some leaders like Shabbir Ali, Fareeduddin, etc and TDP had Lal Jan Basha, Basheeruddin Babu Khan, etc. Only 2-3 minority leaders at the state level were found to be having high calibre and influence over the earlier Andhra Pradesh
State Govt. Whereas we are unable to find even 2-3 names in TRS party.

Although Mehmood Ali of TRS was made Deputy CM of Telangana, a leader by name Habeeb Rahman Al-Attas was a leader with lots of promise, and observors believed would have become the Deputy CM and would have done a better job than Mehmood Ali. Unfortunately Mr Habeeb Attas who was a MLC joined YS Jagan in 2011, when he was being suppressed by the Congress party. Later politics took a huge turn in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana was formed bring a lots of luck to TRS party. Habeeb Attas who was once very close to KCR is now a big leader in YSR Congress party in Andhra Pradesh. We find that KCR has made Mehmood Ali as Deputy CM of Telangana and youth leader Baba Fasiuddin as Deputy Mayor of Hyderabad. When a primary office bearer is doing all the job, and he has all the administrative power to execute, why do we have name sake Deputies?


Mr KCR gave a lot of promised to minorities before elections but could not completely fulfill all of them. There was a gimmick that 12% reservation to Muslim would be given, whereas all legal experts knew that it could not be possible till the center approves such new law. Nevertheless a drama was enacted and 12% reservation bill to Muslims was passed in Telanagan Assembly, which was just a show off. There was an encounter killing of 5 Muslim under trial youth in April 2015, near Aler, Nalgonda District, by Policemen who were taking them to Court for their hearings. The pending cases were dismissed after they were killed, and 2 persons who were their
co-accused in the pending cases have been found not guilty of charges by the Courts. Till today, they has been no efforts done to give justice to families of these killed youth.

Another great work by the TRS party is celebrations of Iftar Parties and Christmas Eve using the funds of Minority Welfare Department. Many Activists who opposed this kind of celebration said, in these celebrations money was lost in extravagant and wasteful ways. There were different menus to be served to different class people like VVIP and General area, where as in Islam there is no class bias and all rich and poor do iftar from the same plate. The taking of funds from the Minority Welfare is also termed immoral by many Activists, and TRS Govt had no right to take those fund as they could have been used for the development of minorities for some productive purposes. These events are considered to be marketing gimmicks to attract minority voters.

Although KCR claims to be a secular leader, there has been no prosecution on Raja Singh, Gosha Mahal MLA for spreading hatred through his venomous speeches. The TRS Govt is silent on such blatant misuse of free speech. Also in the 1654 Acre, Manikonda Jagir Property case which is pending in the Supreme Court of India, where as
earlier in 2011 Andhra Pradesh High Court said that the land belongs to Hussain Shah Wali Dargah, the Telangana Govt is still fighting the case instead of giving it back to rightful owners.

KCR is taking support of MIM party for 2018 Assembly Elections, just to attract minorities and get their vote. Although KCR has announced 105 candidates out of 119 constituencies, only 2 candidate are from minority community, where as 33 candidates are just from the Reddy community. Political observers say KCR has given
so many tickets to Reddy’s to counter Congress party as a lot Reddy’s usually have aligned with Congress party in the past. One minority candidate from TRS is Inayath Ali Baqri from Bahadurpura Constituency which is MIM bastion and he will be washed away easily, and his nomination is just name sake. Another candidate is sitting
MLA Shakeel from Bodhan constituency, it is said that due to some conflicts inside the party, he may not win the coming election too.

It is said by Political pundits thats, KCR is intentionally not giving tickets to minorities as he is planning to join BJP in NDA in May-June 2019 after National Elections, as BJP is found to be in need of support, and KCR wants no liability then. Also If he has minorities with him, they will immediately leave him when he sides with the BJP
because BJP is supposed to be against minorities. Such example was seen when Basheeruddin Babukhan resigned from Ministry when his party TDP joined NDA in 1998. It is said that KCR, Harish Rao, and Kavitha will become Central Ministers, while KTR, the son of KCR will become the new Chief Minister of Telangana.

Minorities especially Muslims have a very soft heart. Whenever a leader from any party speaks in chaste Urdu or wears Sherwani or sends Chaadar to a Dargah, they become very happy and vote for such parties. Most of these parties have used these gimmicks and did not do anything for the minorities later. KCR very well knows that he cannot win Telangana Elections without minority votes. Today there is no big development except the Political development of any community. If he really wants the support of minority community, KCR should give atleast 30 seats out of 119 total seats to a minority candidate. This may bring new hope in the long waiting community of some development for their community too.

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