Why politics over Azaan school student rape case


There has been a lot of politics been dragged into the recent rape case of a small girl student of Hyderabad. Whether such political mudslinging was important is an unanswered question.

On Sep 14th 2018 around 2pm, a little girl of age 4 years studying class UKG or PP2 was lured with chocolate by a maintenance worker of Azaan International School, Tolichowki, Hyderabad and was molested. The girl’s father said that after coming home, the girl complained of severe pain in her private part, and on examination the parents found bleeding. They immediately rushed to Jayabhushan Hospital, Mehdipatnam, later they were sent to Niloufer Childrens Hospital for advanced care. The girl’s father went to Golconda Police Station and lodged a rape complaint. Case was booked on Sec 376 IPC (Rape) and Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act.

As soon as the news spread about the rape, people started coming near the school and started protesting by throwing stones which damaged some property of the school and were shouting slogans to hang the rapist. The protest continued till night. When situation was out of control senior police officer with lots of force had to come near the school and remove the protesters. Even barricades were kept to stop people from getting into this road to avoid untoward incidents. Kauser Mohiuddin MLA Karwan, and some other leaders of MIM party visited the school and tried to control the situation. On next day there were peaceful protests by people around the area to condemn such crime and for punishing the accused as soon as possible.

Meanwhile the accused Jeelani(29) was arrested on Sep 15th by Golconda Police. The main problem in this issue was that the management of Azaan International school did not come out into media and talk how this issue happened and did not release the cctv footage of the heinous crime. Only after two days did Azaan School publish a response to the crime by writing a letter in urdu newspapers. The parents of students of the school were extremely angry by the non responsive and irresponsible attitude of the school management. They said schools like these charges lakhs of rupees as fees, but could not prevent hiring such pervert and criminal persons as their staff and cannot monitor & prevent such crimes being happening in the schools.



As the School Management was in hiding on the day of incident and later Police booked cases on the protestors for causing damage to the school property, and silence of many political leaders, some people started spreading rumours against MIM party of being silenced by the school management. Some activists from other parties who were arrested for protests were accusing MIM of diluting the case.The victim girl’s father also accused MIM party of compromising the issue with the school management.

Surprisingly, after two days he changed his statement, and gave press conference with Kauser Mohiuddin MLA Karwan and other leaders of MIM, saying that he gave those earlier statements in a fit of rage and confusion. He said he believes the party leaders will help him get early justice. Later Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi took the girl’s father along with him to meet the Hyderabad City Police Commisioner Anjani Kumar and sought early justice by referring the case to a fast-track court and demanded that the school recognition be cancelled.

Amjedullah Khan of MBT party said “Govt should not give permission as International School where there is no international standard followed,. Many schools with heavy fees of Rs 1 lakh+ are cheating people, which have cropped up with Islamic names where NRI Muslims get attracted to seek religious education along with english education, where even books, bags, uniforms have to bought only from the school. Its found that 18 cameras of the school were not working, and the accused was not handed over immediately to the police. There is lacuna on part of police as they should check whether CCTV cameras are properly maintained or not. Also there was no lady police officer to talk to the victim girl. Police should take strict action against self-proclaimed irresponsible Social Media reporters who were harassing aggrieved victim’s father in hospital premises to give video byte. ”

He added, “In the rape cases of last decade, there has been weak conviction rates where trial is taking 10 yrs.
In TRR rape case accused is on bail since 4 years. In Bhavani nagar rape & murder case, accused got acquitted within 11 months. Under Abids police station limits, 18 months ago, a school girl was molested by hindi teacher, a lot of pressure is being put to compromise the case. In dalit rape cases are covered by International media and State Ministers visit the victim, whereas in rapes of minorities like this case, no Deputy CM, no Minister visited the victim. Mr KTR who tweets on everything did not react to this incident. City Police Commisionor & Collector should have visited the school. Cases are booked on 40-50 Protestors. Our demands are that schools without proper standards must be shut down. Non local workers must be avoided as majority of accused in such cases are outsiders. CCTV cameras should regular checked by DEO. As in Gurgoun, Haryana, Punjab, board of directors were booked in similar rape cases, the same should be followed here too. This case must be fast tracked.

Senior TRS Party Leader Syed Naveed said ” The school was trying to dilute the issue, as businesses usually do to avoid damage reputation. As parents are interviewed before giving admission to students, proper testing be done before hiring employees, like narcotics testing, criminal background check etc. Media people did not follow Supreme Court guidelines of keeping rape victim and family anonymous, and share their pictures and videos to everyone. ”

With so much crime happening against young children, we can only hope law will give strict punishment to the accused in a fast way and we hope such incidents do not occur again.



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